Steel Blue Ladies Argyle Purple Boots 512702


Steel Blue Ladies Argyle Purple Boots 512702 

A popular choice for: Mining, Construction, Road Workers

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140mm derby style lace-up Ladies ankle boot with padded collar and tongue.

A popular choice for Mining, Construction and Road Workers.

 4 - 11 (5.5 - 10.5 includes half sizes)
Standard features

Technology that is in this boot.

Our boots with Anti-static properties offer a level of protection against ignition hazards.

These boots are designed to dissipate the amount of static electricity build-up on your body (they actually conduct static electricity through the soles and into the ground). If you work with flammable materials, ignitable gases and other ignition hazards, or you work with sensitive electronics equipment, Anti-Static boots are recommended. In addition, any work-environment that creates static electricity build-up (and ‘zaps’ you when you touch doors and machinery) can benefit with these boots.

Reduce the build up of excess static electricity by conducting body charge to the ground
Offer a level of protection against ignition hazards such as flammable materials and gases
Provide a high level of resistance to protect the wearer from hazards due to live electrical circuits
Any work-environment that creates static electricity build-up can benefit with these boots


Our water resistant boots are very resilient when exposed to water increasing longevity of wear.
Our WATER RESISTANT technology will provide the following:
Most Steel Blue boots are water resistant – check for the blue icon
If working in water – opt for a waxy leather versus suede or nubuck
Remove excess water with dry cloth. Allow to dry in a well-ventilated area away from direct heat/sunlight
Steel Blue boots offer unsurpassed performance in wet and muddy work environments

Steel Toe Caps are often mandatory on many worksites, so they’re our most popular choice.

All of the boots with the steel safety toecap feature offer premium protection for your toes. Each steel toecap boot in the Steel Blue range features our Hardened Steel Type 1 Toecap designed to meet Australian and New Zealand Safety Standard AS/NZS2210.3. This type of steel toecap is capable of resisting a drop force of 200 Joules. Our boots with the steel safety toecap feature are suitable for a wide range of industrial, construction and other general purpose workplace applications.
Boots with STEEL TOE CAP technology.

Cut resistance to power saw
Puncture resistance to nail gun
Mandatory safety equipment on many industrial worksites
Prevents injury from falling objects at a drop force of 200 joules

Our boots with an extra tough and durable TPU outsole are suitable for most occupations.

Highly-resistant to most oils and chemicals
High tolerance against abrasion, splitting and cracking
Heat resistant to temperatures of 130°C (266º F)
Premium slip resistant capability

As a general guide, TPU is the all-rounder, suiting most work environments. It is highly resistant to most oils and chemicals while also being heat resistant up to 130ºC. The TPU sole has a high tolerance to cuts and excellent tear strength, while maintaining slip resistant capabilities. It is also very durable, providing a high tolerance against abrasion, splitting and cracking. Most of our boots come standard with a TPU outsole and it is by far our most popular sole type.








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