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About FXD Workwear

FXD Workwear, short for 'Function by Design,' is an Australian company aiming to bridge the gap between practicality and style in the workwear industry. Founded in 2014, FXD prioritises functionality while incorporating contemporary design elements, catering to the modern tradesperson.

Their clothing range encompasses essential workwear pieces like pants, shirts, shorts, and work boots. FXD prioritises durable materials and construction techniques, ensuring garments can withstand the rigours of various work environments. They utilise features like reinforced knees and pockets on pants, and moisture-wicking fabrics in shirts, enhancing comfort and longevity.

Beyond functionality, FXD injects a dose of style into their workwear. They offer a wider range of colours and fits compared to traditional workwear brands, allowing individuals to express their unique personalities while maintaining professionalism. FXD also caters to a broader audience, including women's specific workwear lines with tailored fits and designs.

FXD's commitment to both function and style has resonated with a growing customer base. They are particularly popular among younger tradespeople who appreciate the blend of practicality and contemporary aesthetics. Whether tackling a construction project or working on a renovation, FXD Workwear offers a comfortable, functional, and stylish option for the modern professional.