About Wrap Around Safety Glasses

Wrap-around safety glasses are a specialised form of protective eyewear designed with curved lenses and frames that fully encircle the eyes. The unique wrap-around design provides extensive coverage, safeguarding the eyes not only from direct front impacts but also from the sides. This comprehensive protection is especially valuable in workplaces where debris or hazardous materials can come from various angles. The wrap-around design not only enhances safety but also minimizes glare and provides unobstructed peripheral vision.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wrap Around Safety Glasses

What are wrap-around safety glasses?

Wrap-around safety glasses are protective eyewear designed with curved lenses and frames that fully encircle the eyes. This unique design provides comprehensive eye protection, safeguarding from both front and side impacts.

Do wrap-around safety glasses provide UV protection?

Yes, many of our wrap-around safety glasses feature UV protection and polarisation. Please see the product description for more information.

Are wrap-around safety glasses impact-resistant?

Yes, wrap-around safety glasses are made from impact-resistant materials like polycarbonate. They meet Australian safety standards, ensuring protection against medium-velocity impact.

Can wrap-around safety glasses be used indoors and outdoors?

Yes, we have glasses with different tints for all different work environments.

What's the difference between wrap-around safety glasses and safety glasses with side shields?

Both designs offer enhanced protection. Wrap-around safety glasses provide a curved shield around the eyes, covering both front and sides. Whereas safety glasses with side shields feature flat lenses with added side shields for lateral protection.

How often should wrap-around safety glasses be replaced?

Wrap-around safety glasses should be replaced if they are scratched, damaged, or if the lenses are no longer clear. Regularly inspect your safety glasses, and if you notice any signs of wear or damage, replace them to maintain optimal eye protection.