About Oil & Fuel Spill Kits

Be prepared for unexpected spills to minimise their impact on the surroundings. Designed for ease of use, these oil and fuel spill kits offer a multi-tiered approach to spill containment, allowing you to address spills of varying sizes and types effectively. Whether you're in an industrial setting, a workshop, or any environment where oil and fuel are handled, our spill kits are tailored to meet your needs. With absorbent pads, booms, and other containment materials, these kits ensure that you're well-equipped to respond to spills promptly, preventing contamination and minimising risks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oil & Fuel Spill Kits

What comes in the oil and fuel spill kits?

Our oil and fuel spill kits typically include absorbent pads, absorbent socks (booms), containment bags, and personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves and goggles. Each component serves a specific purpose for effective spill containment.

Are your spill kits suitable for different types of oil and fuel?

Yes, our spill kits are designed to handle various types of oil and fuel spills, including hydrocarbons like gasoline, diesel, and oil. They are effective in containing spills on both land and water surfaces.

Where can these spill kits be used?

Our spill kits are versatile and suitable for a wide range of work settings, from construction sites and workshops to industrial facilities and maintenance areas.

Do you offer spill kits in different sizes for different spill volumes?

Our spill kits come in different sizes to cater to various spill volumes. We offer kits for small spills, medium-sized spills, and larger spills, ensuring you have the right tools for the job.

Are your spill kits easy to use for rapid response?

Our spill kits are designed for quick deployment and ease of use. Each component is intuitively organised, allowing you to respond to spills promptly and effectively.